Applications by Hersh Bhasin

These are some applications I have created that are being sold on Apple stores.

Published - Submission Tracker


Published! is available on Mac Store

Published Submission Tracker Web Site

Published! is a powerful submission tracking software for authors, poets, artists and researchers. It has a powerful database for recording your agents, publishers, contests and markets. Once your work is out in the market, Published! can monitor how many days a piece of work stays out in the market. Use it to track multiple revisions to your work– both as an independent piece of work, and as a revision of an earlier work. With its powerful accounting module, accurately track revenues and royalties arising from submissions. Its powerful reporting system keeps you organized.



Time March is available on the Apple Store

TimeMarch is an IPhone App created by Hersh Bhasin. It allows you to create historical and personal timelines and also lets you group them together. High school students studying for tests like STAAR, AP, SAT etc. and college students studying for GRE, World History, Civil War, World Events etc. will find this app. useful in preparing for their quizzes and examinations. This app. is also useful for recording ancestry and for creating family timelines and genealogy charts: family members can easily share personal timelines with each other via email, and by grouping, create consolidated family timelines. Writers and authors will find this app useful in creating timelines for their characters. Lawyers and Law students will find it useful in recording case law. Time March is also useful in recording medical symptoms and personal medical treatment plans. In fact in any situation that events in chronological order are to be recorded, Time March will be found useful.