Faiz: My Vagabond Heart

Faiz’s poem: Mera Dil Mera Musafir (My Vagabond Heart).

This poem has a special place in my heart as it describes the plight of immigrants, of people (like me) who cross the ocean to make a new life for themselves in a strange country. Ah! The loneliness of trying to push through from day to night, of wandering in the streets, scanning the faces of strangers for a smile, for a glimpse of a friendly face, for a person to talk to…

My heart, you vagabond one

Again the command has come

For us to leave our hearth and home

From street to street, to call

From street to street, to stroll

For just a clue

For just the glimpse of a kindly face

To ask any passing stranger

The address of our home lost

So difficult it is in these strange streets

To push through from day to night

Sometime I attempt to talk with this one

Sometimes with that one

What can I say

The night of depression is horrible

I would be blessed

If the days of my sorrow could be counted (and not infinite)

I would not be scared of dying

If I would die just once (and not be reincarnated to suffer again & again)

Translated by Hersh Bhasin

Sahil Ludhianvi

मिरे दिल, मिरे मुसाफ़िर

हुआ फिर से हुक्म सादिर

कि वतन-बदर हों हम तुम

दें गली गली सदाएँ

करें रुख़ नगर नगर, का

कि सुराग़ कोई पाएँ

किसी यार-ए-नामा-बर का

हर इक अजनबी से पूछें

जो पता था अपने घर का


हमें दिन से रात करना

कभी इस से बात करना

कभी उस से बात करना

तुम्हें क्या कहूँ कि क्या है

शब-ए-ग़म बुरी बला है

हमें ये भी था ग़नीमत

जो कोई शुमार होता

हमें क्या बुरा था मरना

अगर एक बार होता!


  1. सादिर: घोषित,
  2. वतन-बदर: देश निकाला,
  3. सदाएँ: call. Often used for the street-calls of a mendicant
  4. यार-ए-नामा-बर: friendly messenger
  5. सर-ए-कू-ए-न-आशनायाँ: अजनबी गलियों में
  6. शब-ए-ग़म: the night of sorrow
  7. ग़नीमत: By good fortune, booty
  8. शुमार: गिनती, counting