Sahir: You, who from the world seeks to flee

Sahir Ludhianvi’s poem, “Sansār Se Bhāge Phirte Ho Bhagvān Ko Tum Kyā Pāoge”. In just a few lines Sahir expresses the shallowness of people who in lofty words declare that this world is false and they shall renounce the world and become ascetics. What is piety, and what is sin, he asks, but the stamp approval by a religion on conventions; and in this sea of ever changing religions, what religion will you accept as your standard?

Sahil Ludhianvi

You, who from the world seeks to flee

Think in this way you will God see?

This earthy world you couldn’t accept

That starry realm too will also disappoint, you’ll see.

What is piety? and what is sin?

If not the stamp on convention by a church.

From these ever changing churches

On which church’s tune will you march?

I say this world belongs to us

You say this word is a false dream.

I will live my birth and leave

You will loose your birth and grieve.

Translated by Hersh Bhasin

Sahil Ludhianvi