Faiz: A few days more, my dear!

Faiz’s poem, “Chand Roj Aur Mer Jaan”: A Few Days More, My Dear!

Sahil Ludhianvi


A few days more, my dear, only a few days.

We are compelled to draw breath in the shadows of tyranny,·

For a while longer let us bear oppression, and quiver, and weep:

It is our ancestors’ legacy, we are blameless,·

On our body is the fetter, on our feelings are chains,

Our thoughts are captive, on our speech are censorings;

It is our courage that even then we go on living.

Is life some beggar’s gown, on which

Every hour patches of pain are fixed?

But now the days of the span of tyranny are few;

Patience one moment, for the days of complaining are few .

Translated by Victor Kiernan

Sahil Ludhianvi