Faiz: We shall witness

Faiz’s Poem, “Ham Dekhenge”: We shall witness.

Sahil Ludhianvi

We shall witness.

It’s imperative that we too shall witness:

that day promised to us till now,

that iron clad dictate writ in the lines of our brow.

When these mountains of tyranny, torment and unrest,

will dissipate like shreds of cotton in a tempest.

Under the feet of we the subjugated,

this earth will pulse and throb unabated.

And over the heads of these philosophers false,

lightening will crackle, snap and waltz.

When in the land of the pure,

the false idols are no more.

We the pure of heart, whom the zealots decry–

will take seats up high.

All crowns will be flung.

All thrones will be wrung.

Only His true name

will remain:

He: who is both invisible, and yet visible;

He: who is is both the beheld, and the beholder.

“I am Truth.. I am Truth”: this thundering chant will roar

that is me, and it’s you for sure.

And, the pure hearted people will rule:

that is me, and it’s you for sure.

Translated by Hersh Bhasin